Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Superclásico: Gallardo confirmed the team to receive Boca

Marcelo Gallardomanager of River Plate, cconfirmed the starting line-up that will be used this Sunday against Boca in the Superclásicofor date 7 of the Professional Football League Cup (LPF), at the Monumental.

The “Muñeco” confided, at the beginning of the press conference from the River Camp, that The same 11 players who were starters in the 4-0 win against Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata will take to the pitch on the last date.

River will then form with Franco Armani; Robert red, Paul Diaz, Leander Gonzalez Pirez, Milton Helmet; Enzo Perez, Santiago Simon, Enzo Fernandez, Nicholas From the cross; Essequiel Ship, Julian Alvarez.

I’m interested in how we got to the Superclásico. I liked the match against Gimnasia a lot. It seems to me that we have been growing footballingly, from minor to major, and we are in a good moment to continue sustaining it”, declared Gallardo.

The doll talked about everything

“There is no need to talk about arbitrations, because they have to be calm to do their job in the best possible way.. I don’t like to talk about the referees to generate a favorable or unfavorable climate,” he asserted in another section of the conference.

“You have to be prepared for everything because emotions can change. If you are convinced of who you are and what you do, you will have a chance. You have to be psychologically prepared for everything that can happen. You have to know how to play when you don’t have control. We try to know how to understand the different match situations,” he added.

Gallardo also spoke about the yellow jacket that his rival will have: “I don’t care what shirt Boca plays with. The only thing that matters to me is that we play against Boca, the rest is up to them.”

When asked if he was related to any cabal, he said: “Each one believes in what they want and that’s fine. The chicana on the shirt doesn’t interest me. I suggested a few years ago to always play with our shirt”.

The game and the fan

About the eternal rival, he expressed: “If I get carried away by Boca’s last game, it could be a well-played game, beyond the tension and physicality. We have another way of playing, and the game can be vibrant from the game“.

Finallythe millionaire DT He also gave his opinion about the supporters: “I like the fan who encourages on the field without acts of violence, who loves the club and the true colors. The hype adds color to the stands, but we want fans who have that real passion for colours. And that they manifest themselves without violence. That is the fan with whom we must identify ourselves”he concluded.

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