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Paul Pogba’s brother makes a strong statement: He hung out with criminals! He went to the magician to harm Mbappe September 23, 2022 15:22

Mathias Pogba continues with his shocking statements towards his brother, Paul Pogba. Recently, Mathias Pogba, through several posts on his Twitter social network profile, said that the Juventus midfielder is always accompanied by criminals and that he pretended to be Mbappe’s friend, but a magician stopped him:

“My brother, Paul Pogba, has always been and still is with criminals. Many will be shocked and find it hard to believe this fact, but this is the truth.

This is why our family and loved ones are at risk today. The problem is that he used those relationships and names to protect himself on the street.

I didn’t know until he betrayed his thugs and ran away without telling anyone, abandoning me and my mother. These thugs target the family. The only reason we didn’t go to the authorities was fear of retaliation, as we had no way to protect ourselves.

My brother has become a follower of magic in recent years, becoming a follower of a magician who is a close friend of Alu Diarra, who allegedly met him through Serge Orie.

On several occasions, he has cast a spell over his teammates, including Kylian Mbappe. At the request of Poli, the magician was given the task of neutralizing Mbappe ahead of PSG-Manchester United in 2019, who at the time was enjoying a rapid rise, far greater than that of Paul Pogba.

My brother did everything he could to get close to Mbappe, pretending to be his friend. They met often. It got to the point that Chile were ready to make his future contract with PSG conditional on Pol playing there. And the one who saved Mbappe was the magician, who stopped the magic,” concluded Mathias Pogba.


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