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“On the ropes”. “With shoulders against the wall”. The media crucify Simone Inzaghi (PHOTO) 03 October, 2022 09:00

4 defeats in 8 games are numbers that condemn Simone Inzaghi. As if that wasn’t enough, his statement after the defeat against Roma: “I bring income and trophies”, was not well received by the leaders of Inter.

Today more than ever, Simone Inzaghi does not feel safe at the head of Inter, this time it is really in the final test, a quick reaction is required from the team otherwise he will be fired for sure.

La Gazzetta
La Gazzetta

In the program are two vital tests, against Barcelona in the Champions League and against Sassuolo in Serie A, not only the result is required, but also the game. Inzaghi must solve some very important issues within the team, starting from the gate, where the rotation in the Champions League continues, to continue with the duo De Vrij-Skriniar, far from the form of a season ago, and then to stop in the midfield and on the attack. After the challenge against Roma, Inzaghi mentioned the absence of Brozovic, but even against Barcelona he is forced to trust Kristjan Asllani.


As if these problems were not enough, Inzaghi has to do the calculations even without Romelu Lukaku, the Belgian striker remains in the box.

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