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It was from the first minute against Saudi Arabia, the goalkeeper of Albania: I was surprised at the World Cup against Argentina November 24, 2022 20:25

After the engagement with the Albanian National Team, goalkeeper Elhan Kastrati has returned to his club. The number one of Citadel requires the highest possible concentration in the context of the match with Cozenza. Thus, with an eye on the World Cup, Kastrati spoke for “PadovaOggi” also about the experience in the friendlies with Albania against Saudi Arabia, but also about the absence of Italy in “Qatar 2022”.

“I was surprised by Arabia. I thought that Argentina would score five goals and instead they surprised me, I don’t know how they managed to lose Mesi and his friends”. Meanwhile, the other friendly match was against Italy, and the goalkeeper says: “It is a sin that Mancini’s Italy is not in this World Cup. Against us, I saw a very good team, although with some new names”.

Citadella’s last match was a defeat in Parma, while the next in three days will be against Cosenza. What happened in Parma?

We were after five positive results and four of them we hadn’t conceded a goal, but there we got a blow with three goals. Something went wrong, I don’t know what to say. Maybe we didn’t believe until the end and for that we paid with losses. We must turn the page and look forward.

What do you expect against Cozenza?

We have to be mean and give something more, just make the Citadel. Cosenza is a strong team and with all due respect I don’t see any difference with Parma.

Personally, are you having the best season of your career?

I feel very good because I have everyone’s trust. It is very important to me. Performance comes naturally when you commit and strive to improve day after day. I don’t want to stop here. For me, the priority remains to help the team by giving everything.

Are you watching the World Cup?

When I have free time, I definitely see them. Not later than a month ago with Albania we faced Saudi Arabia in a friendly and I am surprised by the result achieved in Qatar with Argentina. Normally I would support Germany, like my whole family, but this year I hope Cristiano Ronaldo wins with his Portugal, while the younger generations prefer Spain or Central Argentina.

Italy is out, how did they look in the friendly with Albania?

Italy has a beautiful team, with many interesting youngsters. He made a good performance against us, but we also played well, had chances and made a compact team performance. Meret has made two or three important saves. PanoramaSport

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