Tuesday, December 6, 2022

“Even Albania would attack more than Serbia tonight”, Duro predicts: Switzerland will make life difficult for Brazil in the next match November 24, 2022 22:46

Brazil suffered quite a bit against Serbia, but still managed to win 2-0. In the other matches of the World Cup in Qatar, Switzerland was content with a goal against Cameroon, Uruguay-South Korea ended 0-0, while Portugal triumphed amid thrills against Ghana (3-2). Invited to Sport News on News 24 was the well-known coach, Shpëtim Duro.

Brazil- It was no surprise. Brazil confirmed all opinions. Today the match was of high quality from start to finish.

Serbia, even when it lost, gave a spectacle. Today in organics they have quality elements. A team from those debutantes who stay in their zone all the time.

The first half was dominated by Brazil. Even after scoring the goal, Serbia did not attack, that surprised me. Tites’ team is solid in defence.

Even today, looking at Serbia in the composition, you are surprised because it seemed like a second-rate team. Here we will be together in the studio, in the next match between Brazil and Switzerland, the Swiss will endanger Brazil several times. Even Albania would come forward more” – he said.


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